Use SMS Notifications to reach your customers wherever they are

Provide your customers with convenient, timely, and secure access to their account balances

Make it easier for your audience to pay for goods, activate loyalty cards, and complete surveys by sending a message to a number XXXX

An instant and non-intrusive way to deliver an important message to your customers

Looking for a modern way to connect with your customers? Send them a message from your business page on VKontakte or Odnoklassniki

Viber has worldwide over 900 million active users. Use this powerful interaction tool to connect with your current customers

With an HLR Lookup you can filter any invalid numbers and clean up your contact database

The IMSI authentication helps identify the SIM-card and provide the subscriber with a secure access to his online bank account.

Start sending personalised content to subscribers via email at their most convenient time.

Use pre-recorded messages to increase your team’s productivity and meet your customer needs in self-service environment

Make use of MegaFon subscriber base to find new customers

Send SMS messages to Beeline subscribers to convert them into real customers.

MTS is the leading Russia's mobile operator with the largest subscriber base

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